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Join us in decarbonizing the built environment in Wisconsin - 
Better buildings for a better planet

The building and construction sector have a vital role to play in eliminating carbon, as it is responsible for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.  Learn More >>>

DALL·E 2023-02-15 16.37.27 - impressionist painting of modern construction site at sunset.

Upcoming CLF Events


A Network of Practitioners

Conduct outreach and build a network of stakeholders across a diverse range of specialties who are motivated to lower the embodied carbon emissions within our built environment.


Through Relevant Programming

Organize relevant education programs across a wide range of topics related to embodied carbon, leveraging local expertise and relevant case studies for work happening across Wisconsin.

Empower Action

Through Goal-Oriented Focus Groups

Create working groups that allow subject-matter experts to have detailed conversations grounded in idea-sharing and problem-solving.


Create Valuable Relationships Among Peers

Create a fun and inclusive environment where all can connect, share and learn around an interest in embodied carbon.

As the Regional Wisconsin Hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum, we: 

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